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Exterior walls Exterior walls

Construction E1111-02

The fortified
REI 90-60-90? Our constructions with particularly high fire protection classifications.
  • Fire resistance: REI90
  • Fire classification report: Classification report HF Austria 2586/2018/12
  • Sound classification report: DIN 4109-33: 2016, table 6, row 2
  • Heat insulation: Glass wool 11 kg/m³
  • Inner surface wall: inner surface gypsum board ready to paint
  • Vertical load: 32 kN/m
  • Installation level: without installation level
  • Sound insulation R'w: ≤41 dB

Data download

Construction layer (PDF)
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Drawings in DWG format
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Drawings in DXF format
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Fire protection certificate

You can find the BIM enabled data for the Exterior walls system family collected as:

IFC File
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Revit File
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Egger Revit Material library
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